Wednesday, January 29, 2003

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Forests, Trees
Those of us in the Beltway dome tend to put too much importance in the most trivial things. A mere 24 hours after the President's State of the Union, and we probably cannot recount every domestic program he proposed without a handy copy to help us out. However, the second part of the speech, the pre-declaration declaration of war with Iraq, is what I shall call the prologue of history.

I think American forces will soon take the field against Iraq. And it may come sooner than even I had anticipated. The SOTU was a precursor, a musing. The first chapter of the second war will begin when the President goes on television again to explain why the U.S. attacked Iraq.

For all of the prognosticating that takes place here in the Beltway, the punditocracy nibbles on the forgettable afterthoughts -- a spending program here, a campaign promise there -- but out there, Joe America is watching his sons and daughters -- indeed, our sons and daughters -- off to Southwest Asia.

Perphaps I am biased. I take no real interest in domestic policy wonking. My academic and professional grounding leads me to think and deal with other things. But this --Iraq-- is the bull in the china shop.

Decisions have likely been already made regarding what will happen. I hope that they are the right ones.