Monday, March 24, 2003

Where Were You?
It has been a very busy and eventful couple of days, starting with the bolt out of the blue strike on Baghdad Wednesday night to the nasty fighting at Umm Qasr and other Iraqi cities. Coalition troops and accompanying forces can now strike to within 60 miles of Baghdad. This is where the war gets very, very hard.

Ernesto Cortes recounts his experiences from Texas A&M Kingsville:
"Wednesday March 19th may not be a “day of infamy” but it sure was a day that will be remembered by all Americans, and people from other countries. President Bush addressed on Monday the 17th that he was giving Saddam Hussein 48-hours for him and his family to get out of Iraq or military action would take place to get him out. As we went to our classes on Tuesday the talk of the campus was on the deadline Bush had put on Hussein. Would we go to war? Or would Hussein leave under his own will? These are just some of the questions that students, faculty and friends asked me.
Wednesday rolled around and the talk was about Hussein. Would this be the day that we declared war on Iraq? Or was Bush going to give him another deadline? As I watched the evening news that night all I could think about was what the President was going to tell the American public. Good or bad I was anxious to know what action was going to take place. Eight o’clock struck, the deadline was up! As soon as the clock turned eight my eyes were glued to the news stations waiting to find out the latest and hopefully to hear from the president. With the news stations broadcasting a live picture of Baghdad, Iraq and U.S. troops on the ground in Kuwait I knew what I was going to hear. “Nine fifteen the president will be addressing the nation” said the commentator on NBC Dateline. Again I waited for the time to come. “Raise the volume” I said “this is going to be important.” Well Bush announced that Saddam had done his last act of defiance and that we were going in to destroy his regime and make Iraq a better place…….we began the war! Wednesday night there was not too much action that we could see. Thursday morning was the day that we started to attack Iraq where it hurts. The U. S. first started by trying to take out Saddam and members of his government with the first barrage of missiles and bombs. Now all I do is watch the news and see what is going on in Baghdad. Hopefully we will win this war with the least amount of casualties."